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Jun 12

Reliable networking without interruptions with SD-WAN

Peplink distributor Vitel works with patented VPN bundling technology SpeedFusionThe value-added distributor Vitel offers SD-WAN based on Peplink solutions. Its patented SpeedFusion technology enables the bundling of multiple WAN connections for stable VPN networking and maximum bandwidth. If there is a malfunction of the network connection, SpeedFusion recognizes this and forwards the data traffic on the packet level to an alternative connection. For example, a fail-safe video and voice communication between different locations of a company can be ensured.In many areas, such as football, stable network connections are essential: week after week, millions of fans are eagerly awaiting matches in the Bundesliga. In order to give them the best possible live feeling outside the stadium as well, all delays or even connection interruptions of the transmission must be avoided. The WAN connection error detection built into the SpeedFusion technology counteracts emerging problems and provides VPNs with reliable site networking.Secure data transmissionThe SpeedFusion technology uses the Diffie-Hellmann key exchange protocol to establish a secure WAN-to-WAN connection and ensure Perfect Forward Secrecy. By means of the present keys, the data to be forwarded are protected in the form of a cryptographic AES algorithm providing a security level of 256 bits. Separate sending of the data packets over available WAN-to-WAN links occurs after the establishment of the Bandwidth-bound SpeedFusion tunnel. Each packet is individually encrypted and thus inaccessible for a man-in-the-middle attack.Speed ​​Fusion TechnologyThe technology developed by Peplink meets several requirements at once and is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios. There are three different features and functions in focus:Hot failover :
  • A core function of the technology
  • Switch from one to another WAN connection without risk of session termination
  • Even with connection switching, smooth continuation of eg video conferencing sessions
WAN Smoothing / Forward Error Correction :
  • Reduces effects of packet loss during data transfers
  • Improves latency for additional bandwidth utilization through packet duplication
  • Consistent with forward error correction to reduce packet loss while minimizing bandwidth utilization
  • Forward Error Correction sends additional reserve packets to mitigate any effects of packet loss through interpolation.
Bandwidth bundling :
  • Combines the speed and bandwidth of multiple WAN links, and opens a single logical VPN tunnel between Peplink devices
  • SpeedFusion bonding delivers both bandwidth aggregation and VPN reliability
  • For connection errors, this is detected immediately and switched to a pre-prioritized connection
” Whether online banking, live broadcasts or transportation, reliability, continuity and reliability are always important. The SpeedFusion technology can be used for the most sensitive scenarios of data transmission, “says Nadir Yilmaz, Managing Director of Vitel GmbH. “Peplink’s products guarantee consistent, cross-location networking and uninterrupted communication between vehicle fleets. Especially in the long term, business processes can be optimized and customers more satisfied. “