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Quality Network ≠ High Cost

So you have an MPLS connection. You have a stable (but limited) bandwidth, you have your 99.999% reliability and short recovery times when things are going smoothly. But at around 270 euros per month per megabit, you also have to dig deep into your pocket. And future-proofing your network far exceeds your budget.

So what are you doing?

Peplink shows you that it does not have to be this way.

Reduce network costs by 80%. Without compromises.

We’ll help you replace your costly MPLS solution by aggregating multiple business ADSL connections with our uninterruptible SpeedFusion site-to-site VPN technology to dramatically reduce your costs.

You are not yet ready to replace your MPLS solution, but are looking for a way to make your network future-proof? We can help you by completing the existing MPLS connection and increasing bandwidth with a low-cost ADSL connection through bandwidth aggregation.

How to save thousands of euros every year:

Option 1: MPLS supplement

Increase your bandwidth affordably by adding traditional ADSL links to your MPLS connection to form a hybrid WAN connection. The SpeedFusion technology aggregates all your connections and allows session-resistant, user-transparent failover. QoS support, bandwidth control and traffic prioritization give you full control over your network. 

Option 2: MPLS alternative

Achieve faster speeds and greater reliability while paying only 20% of standard WAN costs by connecting multiple ADSL, 3G and 4G LTE links. Choose a topology that suits your needs: a hub-and-spoke topology maximizes control over your network, while a mesh topology can reduce the overhead of bandwidth by allowing your devices to connect directly to each other with non-disruptive VPN connections

Business networking at a reasonable budget

Add affordable bandwidth, reduce recurring costs, and simplify network growth by adding up to 13 legacy links as your needs grow. Our patented site-to-site VPN bonding provides fast and secure service between offices, and our session-resistant failover guarantees 100% network availability for maximum reliability. Your business is always protected and your internet connections are 24/7.