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Groundbreaking security solutions
for different industries


Physical security solutions

  • User-friendly monitoring and determination with information retrieval at the click of a mouse
  • Expanding and managing multiple systems For hundreds of businesses and enterprise-wide visibility
  • Uniform loss prevention by linking POS, anti-burglary protection, access control, EAS and RFID with video
  • Open and cost efficient to maintain analog hardware while upgrading to IP later
  • Unprecedented reliability enables uninterrupted system operation with optimum efficiency

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  • Uniform multi-system management with video, access control and SCADA via one platform
  • Future-proof expandable to up to several thousand devices and integrated systems
  • Extremely high reliability allows access to video and data at any time
  • Open and cost-efficient: Maintaining analog hardware while upgrading to IP later
  • Mobile situation detection through shared, cross-organizational and cross-device use of information

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Giving visitors a positive experience while ensuring the safety of thousands of people in one venue is not an easy task. You have to expect everything at any time. That’s why we’re committed to developing products that simplify your work. Genetec IP security solutions enable you to:

  • Get information and HD videos in just a few clicks from anywhere
  • Quickly identify and efficiently handle incidents by centrally managing all security systems from a single platform
  • Gradual upgrade and expansion of your security platform – it grows with your facilities and future needs

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The security of growing cities is no longer the sole responsibility of the law enforcement agencies. Various public organizations, private companies, architects, urban planners, community groups, and the public in the broadest sense all play a role in maintaining the vibrancy and security of cities. That’s why more and more cities are choosing Genetec to improve city-wide surveillance and security:

  • Increased cooperation between municipalities for an improved response to incidents
  • Standardization of processes and maximum use of technological investments to reduce expansion costs
  • Use of the existing security infrastructure for operational purposes and thus improve the liveliness and quality of life of the city +
  • Implementation and maintenance of privacy and security policies to meet citizens’ interests

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Ensuring a steady flow of passengers and cargo, preparing for any situation, detecting threats and quickly making difficult decisions: that’s your job. Giving you the tools to make your life easier – that’s our job. With Genetec you can relax:

  • Observe events in large terminals at any time and location-independent.
  • Trust that managing multiple systems across a single platform will effectively handle disruptions or threats.
  • Develop your security platform fully in line with your business needs.

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Uniform security platform

Genetec’s Security Center is a unified security platform that combines IP video surveillance, access control, automatic number plate recognition, and SIP communication in a single solution.


Security Center is Genetec’s unified security platform that combines IP security systems in an intuitive interface and simplifies security operations. From access control and video surveillance to automatic license plate recognition, burglar alarms and analytics, Security Center gives your organization better situational awareness, unified commands and controls, and connectivity to the cloud.

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Omnicast, part of the unified Security Center ™ platform, is an IP video management system that enables organizations of all sizes to set up surveillance systems that meet their specific security needs. With comprehensive support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders, and CCTV devices, the Omnicast ™ system scales easily to meet the changing needs of your security environment.

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The Synergis Access Control System (ACS) increases the security of your organization and improves your preparedness to respond to incidents and threats. Existing network and security devices can still be used. With advanced security measures and support for a growing number of third party access control devices, the Synergis system gives you the peace of mind that your people and assets are protected.

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AutoVu, the ALPR automatic number plate recognition system, automatically reads and identifies license plates, making it easier for law enforcement agencies and municipal and commercial organizations to find vehicles and enforce parking regulations. Designed for fixed and mobile installations, the AutoVu system is ideal for a range of applications and organizations, such as law enforcement agencies, community facilities and trade organizations.

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Modules and add-ons


Mobile and web apps

Security Center Mobile gives users remote access to their unified security platform through a suite of mobile apps and web apps. Security personnel can view live video and video recordings, control PTZ cameras, check access control events, and system alarms, regardless of location. Mobile access increases responsiveness in every situation and ensures a location-independent connection to the Security Center.

Brochure Mobile and Web Apps  (.pdf)

Plan Manager – Card-based Control & Verification

Plan Manager is a security center module that enables better visualization and management of security environments using interactive graphical maps. With map-based dynamic building navigation and monitoring of a larger number of cameras, doors, ALPR automatic number plate recognition cameras, intrusion detection systems, and other security applications, Plan Manager provides comprehensive, real-time coverage for not just small but large multi-site security deployments.

Brochure Plan Manager (.pdf)

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Over the years, Genetec has formed strong alliances with like-minded technology partners whose success is also based on innovation. These technology partners develop products that enhance and maximize the value-added features of Genetec video surveillance and access control systems, enabling them to collaborate on different markets to deliver the best solutions and unlimited applications.

Intrusion Systems

Intrusion detection add-ons for Genetec partner companies.

POS integration

Key benefits of Security Center POS integration include:

  • Reduce damage and fraud at POS terminals
  • Synchronization of video and POS data to enable visual verification of all transactions
  • Real-time video POS transaction data
  • Immediate search for transactions via single or multiple POS

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Turnkey Network Security Appliances

With the preinstalled Security Center platform, Smart Vault (SV) network security appliances provide turnkey solutions on verified hardware configurations for any size installation. Whether you need a compact, smaller-scale appliance or a scalable, enterprise-class solution for your project, the Genetec SV family of products lets you deploy the appliance in the shortest possible time.

More about Security Center

The Genetec offering is rounded off by Intelligent incident management with Mission Control and the cloud-based video surveillance system for small and medium businesses  Stratocast.

Mission Control is a decision support system that sets new standards for situational security decisions, visualization, and comprehensive incident management-providing effective solutions to routine and unforeseen threats.

Using our cloud-based video surveillance system, you can be confident, anytime, anywhere, that your business is protected and operating smoothly. Stratocast gives you access to live and recorded video on your laptop, tablet or smartphone that is securely stored in the cloud.

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