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Security CenterOmnicast™ | Synergis™

24/7 secure access

Protect your employees and equipment with the Synergis IP Access Control System (ACS). They benefit from faster response to incidents and threats and can continue to deploy existing network and security devices. The Synergis system supports third-party access control devices.

Think different

More than access control

While security used to end at the front door or access to a building, modern access control systems protect not only the front doors, but also cyber attacks.

Operator-oriented security

Complicated systems lead to operator errors and confusion. Modern ACS solutions should therefore be designed from the perspective of the operator and give you a powerful tool with a unified and dynamic approach.

Quer thinking required

The conventional approach to physical security must be overcome. A modern ACS solution must offer options such as securing server racks, medicine cabinets and shop windows. Still further, an ACS system can also be used to comply with employee rules, complement timekeeping systems, or monitor areas of high traffic density.


Choose your access control devices

The Synergis system supports a growing number of non-proprietary access control modules and electronic locks. You can choose the most suitable devices for you, for example control systems from:

-HID Global,
-Mercury Security,

as well as electronic locks of


As the Genetec Partner Network continues to grow, you have access to the latest ACS technology at all times.

Neutralize threats immediately

Physical and cyber threats are no longer a problem with Synergis: once a potential physical security threat is known, simply change the behavior of your security system immediately. Protect yourself against cyber threats with encrypted end-to-end communication for software and hardware, secure claims-based authentication, and digital certificates. You can additionally monitor system integrity.

Safer thanks to overall overview

A proactive approach for your security staff: access control combined with video, communication management, intrusion detection and more. Win time for critical tasks with Synergis’ unified platform. The software takes care of efficient workflows and more comprehensive automation. Independent, remote sites are monitored as if they were part of a single virtual system. This improves the overall operation.


For your individual safety requirements

Synergis is flexible enough to secure large companies with many sites or smaller businesses with just a few doors.

An important pillar of Security Center, Genetec’s unified platform, access control can be combined with other security applications, such as video surveillance.

The central administration of authorization data and cardholders optimizes the access control processes. Cardholders are managed from one location. From there you assign them a single set of access data for all locations and synchronize cardholder access privileges across all locations.


Intelligent access control

Synergis Cloud Link is a powerful, intelligent PoE-enabled appliance designed for a wide range of popular non-proprietary access control modules and electronic locks.
The Synergis Cloud Link appliance brings intelligence to access control. Provided over an IP network, it enables real-time connectivity, door control, and event reporting.

Use third-party control devices

Genetec partners with the leading manufacturers of access control equipment. The products therefore work with a variety of non-proprietary control devices such as the HID EDGE EVO PoE-enabled access control panel, HID VertX and Mercury EP controllers, and the Axis A1001 network door controller.

Electronic locks

With wireless, Wi-Fi, and PoE-enabled electronic locks, you can extend your reach without cabling. Connect your locks to your wireless or wired network and easily register them within your ACS system. All cardholders and access authorizations as well as the entire planning are managed via the Synergis system – integrated into your remaining access control infrastructure.