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Security CenterOmnicast™ | Synergis™

Always everything in view

Omnicast, part of the unified Security Center ™ platform, is a size-independent IP video management system that enables companies to set up customized surveillance equipment. It supports numerous industry-leading cameras, encoders and CCTV devices, is scalable and adapts to changing requirements.

Think different

Only the HD camera  is not enough

Your current VMS system should already include those features that you will use in the future with changing security requirements and with advanced video technologies. So, when deciding on your new VMS platform, consider integrating the latest IP cameras, the technical foundation to support the computing needs of HD and 4K video, and the ability to adapt to complex network topologies and new storage solutions.

Real video privacy

Video privacy is a hot topic. Encryption of data exchange, stronger authentication and the protection of video must be at the forefront of all public and private organizations. Simple password protection is no longer enough today – secure video authorization and encryption of both archived and transmitted video data is a significant improvement.

Different procurement models

Software-as-a-Service, a “pay-as-you-go” cloud application model, eliminates the need for major financing decisions. The flexible purchase of security software offers you two options: pre-purchase of all software or purchase on a subscription basis, for better cost security.


Reliable video management software

Continuous access to live video and recorded videos of interrupted server connection at all times? With failover capabilities and effective mechanisms for redundancy and health monitoring with real-time status notification, Omnicast protects your recordings from network failures and physical damage.

Optimal HD streaming

Flexible HD video-centric streaming options optimize bandwidth utilization and reduce costs. The intelligent streaming of the Omnicast system calculates the most efficient routes between cameras and workstations and automatically switches the stream quality when needed. Stream settings are customizable and important evidence is protected by cloud archiving.

Tailored for your security environment

The Omnicast ™ system consolidates:
access control,
-asset management, and
other third-party systems

and the flexible, open architecture adapts to your changing security needs.
The ability to connect more than 150,000 cameras means unprecedented scalability. A wide variety of IP cameras can be integrated, and the Federation ™ module enables centralized, multi-site operation, such as independent monitoring of remote sites.


Innovative video surveillance

Protect your people, assets and facilities with scalable HD video surveillance and recording, access control consolidation and multi-site monitoring, failover and contingency planning.

Protect data and privacy

The Omnicast system protects video data and communication while preserving privacy with:

Enhanced analysis, obscuring and masking of evidence, adding watermarks, etc.
-Claims-based user and server authentication using tokens and certificates
-authenticated secure video stream requests (RTSP over TLS, RTSPS) and
encryption Video streaming between applications and servers from the camera as well as stored video.


Integration of common IP cameras and encoders

Get rid of Omnicast proprietary solutions. Genetec partners with leading security industry vendors to provide you with a combination of non-proprietary cameras tailored to your specific needs.

Ready to go with the appliance portfolio

With the Genetec SV family of products, you can easily install a network-based system that provides access to the full capabilities of Security Center. Pre-configured rackmount appliances give you access to Genetec Omnicast and Synergis.

BCD video appliances and HD-enabled workstations

With pre-installed Genetec software, BCDVideo’s Nova Series servers, workstations, and auxiliary storage are ideal for large-scale camera deployments and enterprise customers who require highly scalable multi-server systems with reliable performance. BCD video hardware builds on HP platforms and is designed specifically for IP video recording.