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Security CenterOmnicast™ | Synergis™

Uniformity brings  efficiency

Security Center is Genetec’s unified security platform that combines IP security systems in an intuitive interface and simplifies security operations. From access control and video surveillance to automatic license plate recognition to burglar alarms and analytics – Security Center enables your organization to better assess the situation, provide unified commands and controls: local to your own computer or to the cloud, as you desire.

Go new ways

A platform for lower total cost of ownership

Security and IT teams in organizations strive for standardization to increase their efficiency. The combination of video, access control and ALPR systems does not lead to a significant increase in productivity – when using multiple service providers, the acquisition of multiple servers, different user training and different maintenance methods. True unification, on the other hand, corresponds to a single platform with multiple integrated security systems. This reduces IT infrastructure costs and reduces the total cost of ownership sustainably.

Overloaded users

Multiple security applications from different vendors can not achieve efficiency. Because that overwhelms users quickly. Considering the maintenance, overloaded security and IT teams are no wonder. However, this can be avoided by using unified security platforms that have integrated security applications.

Ever higher security costs

The cost of maintaining multiple systems, providing maintenance contracts, training and educating IT and security personnel, and potentially spending on compatibility upgrades can quickly dwindle. Such basically unnecessary, ie superfluous costs can be avoided with a uniform security platform.


Uniform and efficient

A unified solution, with a homogeneous view of all security information: consolidated monitoring, reporting and a card-centric security management concept. Security Center ensures more efficient work, more informed decisions, and quicker response to events.

Flexible and scalable

From modular applications, assemble the system for your specific requirements. Security Center supports many advanced features and plug-ins in addition to core access control, video surveillance, auto-license plate recognition, and communications management capabilities.

Reliable and safe

Uninterrupted system access, data security and data protection. Take Responsibility for Protecting People and Critical Facilities – Security Center minimizes system disruption and provides reliable, IT-based protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Core systems

Video management with Omnicast ™

Omnicast is a size-independent IP video management (VMS) solution for businesses that value security and privacy. With unprecedented scalability and compatibility with industry-leading IP cameras and encoders, it meets the demand for HD video and enables advanced cloud-to-video archival connectivity. additional Information

Access control with Synergis ™

The Synergis system is an IP solution for access control according to your individual security requirements. It can be combined with many third-party devices to provide door control systems that reduce deployment time and costs. additional Information

Important functions

Expand the security

Security Center gives you the freedom of choice of IP peripherals for your individual needs. Add core functionality with add-ons or third-party security and management systems to a unified system – flexible and future-proof.

Cloud connectivity

With Security Center, you can archive your videos directly and in the long term in the cloud to reduce investment in location-based IT infrastructures. Cameras embedded in Genetec’s cloud services, centrally monitored through a local Security Center platform, can be used to secure smaller, remote sites.