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Uninterrupted Internet

Increase network data rates, reliability and flexibility while dramatically reducing connectivity costs with Peplink’s Multi-WAN Link Load Balancing technology.

Peplink’s SD-WAN load balancing engine can distribute traffic across up to 13 Internet lines and send data using seven intelligent algorithms. This adds up to high speeds and rock-solid reliability with up to 90% savings over comparable solutions based on traditional WAN or other expensive links.

With Peplink Balance, all your cable, DSL, mobile, and other links will work together to handle even the most demanding traffic – with no delays or downtime. If you need more speed, add more connections. Peplink’s Internet load-balancing technology is application-sensitive, so you can be sure that the most important data and applications are always preferred.

Add bandwidth at any time

You need more bandwidth? Just take cables. DSL, mobile and other links from any ISP. Peplink load-balancing devices seamlessly integrate them into a multi-WAN connection pool that all network clients can access, regardless of their location.

Prioritize or balance traffic by type or application

Peplink’s Load Balancing includes 7 application-sensitive link-load balancing algorithms and customizable rules. So you have full control over the priorities of the network data. Just set priorities, including VoIP and custom application traffic, in a few clicks and let Peplink take care of load balancing and optimization details. Day in, day out.

Rely on 100% availability with Automatic Failover

Automatic Failover keeps your network running by constantly checking the state of all connected links and bypassing traffic around inactive or broken connections. You can even use our software to determine the behavior of Automatic Failover by setting situation-dependent or dedicated backup links that respond dynamically to network status.

Speed up visitor access

Peplink’s inbound load balancing algorithms allow visitors to access your server through a variety of Internet links to increase the customer experience with faster response times and faster speeds. Hosting email, e-commerce, VoIP and other business applications has never been easier, faster and more reliable.

Let your branches work together with speed and security

SpeedFusion VPN Bonding combines connected links into a fat, site-to-site data pipeline that is accessible to all of your offices, no matter where in the world they are. Thanks to 256-bit military-level encryption, your data is optimally protected at all times.

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