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Trouble-free VoIP

How it works

VoIP – great, if it works

VoIP is a double-edged sword. It offers impressive value, but it is laborious. Whenever you need it the most, it stutters or fails completely – and staff and customers are left speechless. VoIP calls in low-quality, high-latency networks and jitter can sound robotic and hacked. Not good for your image. Worse yet, network outages can quickly shut down conversations, upset staff and customers, and waste time and resources. High quality VoIP requires a high quality network. And that usually goes hand in hand with high costs. At least that’s how it has been.

SpeedFusion VPN = Uninterruptible VoIP

SpeedFusion provides highly available and secure networks with fail-safe resilience – perfect for VoIP. Just use two or more broadband connections. You can even pair them with a cellular connection. There is no bank robbery needed to get trouble-free VoIP.

SpeedFusion VPN provides failover of connections between a pair of our devices using a technology we call Unbreakable VPN, uninterruptible VPN. If a connection fails, Unbreakable VPN will send traffic through intact connections without losing anything. This happens at the package level – even if a connection breaks down, your conversation continues. Just because. No excited employees or customers anymore.

Sounds complicated? No worries. Our devices have powerful, complex features that just work. Right out of the box you are just a few clicks away from rock-solid VoIP. Take a look at how Pluss uses VoIP with our features. Pay close attention to what happens when the connection breaks:

Hosted VoIP, which is more than just talk

If you only have one office and use a hosted VoIP solution, our load-balancing technology can keep your conversation flowing, even if one of the connections breaks down. Balance voice and data loads across multiple connections. Prioritize VoIP over the links with the lowest latency. Or better yet, isolate all VoIP traffic to a single connection to separate voice and data. Peplink QoS does it all and more.

Keep your connections upright

When a connection fails, new VoIP calls are automatically sent over other intact connections. For added resilience, simply plug in a USB modem. So you stay connected with your customers, employees and suppliers under all circumstances.

Cloud VoIP Powered by SpeedFusion

FusionHub is a SpeedFusion-enabled virtual application that sends uninterrupted SIP sessions to all your customers using a single peplink device. FusionHub is extremely flexible and it likes to coexist with your hosted VoIP PBX in the cloud. Provide additional value-added services and applications with your uninterruptible SpeedFusion connection. Super fast, highly resistant, widely compatible (eg with RDS, ERP) and protected by military-grade encryption. And instantly installed.

Effortless scalability with InControl

If you equip your customers’ premises, they will probably visit them more often than you would like. With InControl, you can manage thousands of devices, customer sites and even entire regions from your desktop. Or from home. Or in the cafe. Without using a single means of transportation.

Peplink’s cloud-based monitoring and reporting tool enables you to remotely monitor site-to-site traffic. In addition, you can safely tunnel into the web admin of each device while keeping inquisitive customers away. Make configuration changes without rebooting. Plan firmware upgrades when it suits you best. All with InControl, the powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based management tool.