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SOHO Networking


Surf SOHO  is a professional router for power users. It is safe, reliable and easy to use. And he stays with you in the long term.

Stay Connected: The Surf SOHO lets you connect to the Internet via USB cellular modem, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Connect Surf SOHO with Ethernet and cellular, switching seamlessly from one to the other when needed. In this way, you remain connected even if a connection fails.

Over 250 compatible USB modems

Safe in every way: Surf SOHO is both easy to use and safe. You can assign the Ethernet ports to different VLANs to isolate devices. Wi-Fi networks can also be isolated, so that isolated networks arise where guests or IT devices can not even see each other. In contrast to most routers, you can change the admin user ID. There is no need to disable insecure WPS – this is not supported. The most important thing – we develop our firmware in-house and carry out regular updates – making them much more reliable.

Pepwave Surf On-The-Go

Ethernet, USB, mobile. Wi-Fi as a WAN. The compact, powerful Surf On-The-Go makes it easy to connect and share with an unlimited number of devices – wherever they are.

Compatibility: Out-of-the-box support for most modems. Surf On-the-Go supports 200+ USB mobile modems from over 100 providers. The advantage is that you can simply plug in and start surfing right away.

Versatility: Wired, Cellular, and Wi-Fi at your service. With Surf, the connection via Ethernet or USB mobile is very easy. You can even use Wi-Fi for WAN connectivity. And once you’re online, you can share as many devices as you want, even in a moving vehicle. Everything with a tiny powerhouse that fits in your pocket.

Under control: Anytime, anywhere via cloud management. Like all Peplin Wi-Fi technologies, you can manage your Surf-On-TheGo quickly, easily, and from virtually any device with the cloud-based InControl system. InControl is free, everywhere, and just what you need to keep all your devices working together as a team.