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SD Switch

Expect more from your switch. The Peplink SD Switch provides the smart and simple solution to common challenges such as:

  • Lack of configuration transparency
  • Time-consuming troubleshooting
  • Reliable voltage supply

With modern, cloud-based management, you can see the status of each switch or interface. Configurations can be passed to device groups, and PoE port operation is remotely controllable. With the cloud-based Peplink management tool, you can see all devices on the network. The search can take place by MAC address so that the exact port of the causer is found quickly. The SD switch comes with dual AC power and up to 3 power supplies – so it definitely runs, no matter what happens around it.

The switch that you can expect more from!

Managing all your switches and connected devices can be a worry-free experience. However, your current switches may have more problems than they solve. Is your switch smart enough and sufficiently simple to handle to solve the following problems?

No transparent configuration

The configuration via CLI is neither centrally visible nor manageable. This creates unnecessary downtime during maintenance.

Time-consuming troubleshooting

When an inadequately connected device causes network problems, it becomes frustrating to find the problems and their cause.

Reliable power supply

If, for some reason, the power supply to a switch fails, all attached devices will shut down and cause a standstill.

The Solution: The Peplink SD Switch with Software Intelligence

Modern cloud-based management

View the status of each switch through a single interface, pass configurations to device groups, and remotely control the operation of PoE interfaces.

Tools for fast root cause detection

Use our cloud-based management tool to see all devices on your network. Search for the MAC address and determine the exact port of the causer.

Uninterruptible power supply

The SD switch is equipped with dual AC power inputs and up to 3 redundant power supplies, guaranteeing operation in all circumstances.

Fast and easy interface management

Configure different interfaces with just a few clicks and access the power history – both from a single screen. Switch management is hosted on our InControl cloud management platform (public and private versions available) so you can configure your switches from any web browser.

Immediate network-wide troubleshooting

The client information from all your switches is merged into InControl. If problems arise, you can quickly search for a device among all the SD switches and immediately find out which devices are causing the problems.

Network-wide VLAN configuration

Simplify administration and reduce maintenance time by unifying your VLAN management across all Peplink devices. InControl, the cloud-based management platform, makes it easy for you.

Various redundancies for 24/7 operational reliability

The SD Switch uses a variety of unique technologies to keep its power-driven devices powered.

Dual AC voltage inputs

Connect the SD Switch to two independent power sources. Even if one of the power sources is interrupted, the switch continues to run.

Up to 3 power supplies

Even if a power supply fails, the switch keeps running. Load distribution ensures longer life expectancy of the power supplies.

Out-of-Band Management (OOBM)

Plug in a USB modem to enable secure out-of-band management with our upcoming Cloud Management Tool.

You have better things to do than play the babysitter for your switches. Purchase our SD Switch now and give your mind peace and quiet.