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Peplink MAX HD2 Dome

Dual cellular router for mobile use

Achieve dual wireless connections. No expensive RF cable and no cable loss

The HD2 Dome offers Dual Bandwidth Banding in an IP67 enclosure that is flat and barely visible yet delivers maximum signal. With redundant SIM, the HD2 Dome supports two mobile devices and four SIM cards. Combine the HD2 Dome with the SIM Injector to increase the number of cards to twelve.

Minimal signal loss, best signal quality

Most outdoor applications require a centrally placed router attached to strategically placed antennas. With the HD2 Dome, the antennas are in the same integrated housing as the mobile devices. This arrangement minimizes signal losses that long antenna cables typically bring with them, providing you with the best possible signal.

Choose with the SIM injector between 8 additional SIM cards, anytime, anywhere.

With the additional SIM bank, the HD2 Dome can support up to 12 SIM cards. Simply connect the SIM injector and the HD2 Dome with an Ethernet cable. The SIM injector is PoE-ready, so you do not have to attach an additional PoE switch when you use it.

Together, the HD2 Dome and SIM Injector can greatly simplify setup and management of installations.

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