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Enterprise Wi-Fi

AP Controller

Peplink’s AP Controller, a software-based AP management tool built into all Peplink Balance and selected MAX routers, lets you manage your entire wireless network through your router and easily create a custom captive portal for your business. AP Controller works seamlessly with the AP One and AP Pro, providing advanced enterprise AP management as simple as plug-and-play. It’s quick and easy to set up, and it automatically detects access points, giving you instant control over configuration, usage, and more. You’ll also get coverage on your devices in depth and 24/7.

Clear, comprehensive reports

With the large amount of reports in the Peplink AP Controller, you are just a click away from detailed Wi-Fi network statistics. Whether you’re working directly from your Balance Router or a tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world, you get instant access to customer statistics and data usage, broken down by access point, signal frequency and time interval. The AP Controller also includes a Customer Event Report that provides you with information about the behavior at a glance while informing you of events that require further investigation, such as potentially defective access points.

Individual Captive Portals

Do you have a busy hotel, a campus or a restaurant? Give your visitors an individual, brand-building Internet experience with Captive Portals. Simply modify the Captive Portal built into the AP Controller with your logo, terms and conditions and other information.

You can easily control the connection time and speed as well as the limitation of data usage etc.

Social Wi-Fi

Continue to develop your business by enhancing customer experience with free, worry-free Wi-Fi while collecting valuable demographics. Let your customers log in via their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Sina Weibo or Email Accounts. Promote customer loyalty through special offers.

Automatic AP setup

With Auto Provisioning, Peplinks AP controllers can scan your network for new access points and automatically configure them. And it keeps an eye on potentially broken devices and suspicious reports. You can even remotely send firmware updates to all your access points via push


Our AP Controller is available in two versions: AP Controller Standard and AP Controller Pro. Balance 20/30/30 LTE / 50 / One / 210/310, as well as the MediaFast 200/500 and the Pepwave MAX 700 / HD support AP Controller standard.

Balance 305/380/580/710/1350/2500 supports AP Controller Pro.

AP Controller Standard supports a configuration profile (with multiple SSIDs), which means that all APs share the same configuration, and the APs can only be managed on the local physical LAN. AP Controller Pro supports multiple configuration profiles coupled with multiple SSIDs, and you can manage remote APs outside the local physical LAN. Separate licenses for AP Controller Pro are available to manage additional APs.

No, Peplink’s AP Controller only supports the Pepwave AP One and AP Pro series.

Peplink’s AP Controller is supported by the Peplink Balance 305/380/580/710/1350/2500 routers running firmware 5.3.9 or higher. The AP controller is supported by the Peplink Balance 20/30/210/310 routers and Pepwave MAX 700 / HD routers running Firmware 6.1 or higher. To use the AP Controller with devices running on previous firmware versions, please upgrade to the latest version.

No. All Pepwave AP One and AP Pro devices are automatically managed with the Peplink AP Controller when the feature is enabled. To use InControl for administration, the AP Controller function on your Peplink Balance / Pepwave MAX must first be switched off.