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Case Studies

Mobile broadcasting studio: RTL Radio always on the road when on the move

In order to be able to offer its listeners uninterrupted broadcasts, RTL Radio Center Berlin GmbH relies on the router solutions from Peplink for its mobile broadcasting studios. Continue reading

Krämer equestrian relies on router solutions from Peplink

Stationary trade is increasingly networking with online commerce. Often retailers have a large network of branches with several branches and also operate online shops. To be successful here, the local networks of the different locations must be connected to each other. Therefore, a powerful IT infrastructure and a stable Internet connection are essential. Continue reading

Fail-safe – even if it burns!

Mobile workplaces are common in many industries today, including BOS units. No question that reliable hardware and software is a must in firefighting operations; After all, it’s all about extinguishing fires and / or saving lives as quickly as possible and unerringly. Modern IT is therefore standard in many rescue vehicles. One of the most important points for successful operations is, in addition to reliable equipment, the reliability of the wireless connections to the Internet. Continue reading

Mobile Wi-Fi service in public transport with Pepwave

A public transport company wanted to offer the city-wide free WiFi service in its 1000 buses. Vitel has done this with Pepwave. Continue reading

Mobile service buses go online with Peplink 3G routers

Vitel has equipped mobile service buses with Peplink’s Max-Br1 mobile 3G routers. Members of the company can now easily view on the Internet the routes and destinations of the buses and get the services needed at the next bus. Continue reading