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Caching Router

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MediaFast Content Caching Router

MediaFast Content Caching Router – accelerates your mobile / decentralized networking

Lightning fast content delivery and much more: MediaFast is Peplink’s full-throttle solution for content caching. With the idea of ​​learning and entertainment in mind, it downloads and accelerates videos, iTunes U, iOS updates, app downloads and other content for uninterrupted learning and fun anytime. MediaFast can prefetch content in marginal hours. This saves on connection costs and reduces network load during peak times.

Balance Router with MediaFast

Balance Router with MediaFast – enables eLearning

Content Caching Plus – with the full functionality of the Balance Router. MediaFast 200/500/750 comes with load balancing, AP controller and other Balance family enterprise features as well as MediaFast content caching. All in all, a very convenient solution for campus connectivity.

The Peplink routers provide for stable connectivity, because they allow – wired or wireless – to add bandwidth at any time and to ensure the load balancing of various Internet links. Automatic failover allows you to maintain a trouble-free connection. With Mediafast you can easily download media-rich course materials.

Save bandwidth with unlimited playback of cached content. Save money and eliminate network congestion. Save loading time for more effective time use in the classroom. Reduce stress with centralized management platforms that enable complete management and monitoring with just one step.

MAX Router with MediaFast – accelerates your mobile / decentralized networking

Quad-4G LTE content caching routers: The HD2 and HD4 routers with MediaFast combine HD features with MediaFast content caching, allowing you to store content for later, anywhere playback, regardless of connectivity. MAX HD2 / 4 Router with MediaFast Event Connectivity: The MAX Router with MediaFast allows you to add bandwidth at any time, wired or wireless, and load-balance various Internet links. Maintain an uninterrupted connection with redundant SIM slots and automatic failover