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Better decisions, more security

The Mission Control Decision Support System, with its advanced visualization and incident management capabilities, sets new standards for situational security decisions: timely provision of information supports correct decisions, even in unforeseen situations.

Mission Control offers much more than just event and alarm management. It collects and correlates the data of several thousand sensors and security devices, detects even complex incidents and situations, and guides security teams through the required processes, according to organization-specific processes and policies.

Think different

Situation-based intelligence

Traditional security systems report security incidents and alarms – an inadequate picture of the operating environment that does not provide comprehensive protection. The better method is situation-based data processing.

Better situation management

Security systems should not be limited to pure notification functions. They should enable situational control and guide users throughout the lifecycle of safety-critical operations – from triggering the alarm to completing a security incident.

Easy to use, better perception

When consolidating various security applications or connecting thousands of sensors and security devices, security systems quickly reach the limits of simplicity. A unified application for the real-time monitoring of incidents and events in conjunction with control, control and security management functions and a dynamic map interface sets new standards. The intuitive approach makes it easy to manage security incidents by providing visual information and allowing a quick response from security officers.


Proactive planning and preparation

Mission Control enables the development of response strategies and contingency plans in advance. Security incidents and multi-level rules that trigger automated system responses as needed can be defined and security incidents assigned to automated workflows.

Users are guided from the triggering of alarms to the required standard procedures through the individual process steps. Paper-based processes are passé, ensuring compliance with internal and external requirements.

Everything in one system

Mission Control enables cross-organizational security monitoring on a unified platform that unites all security applications, including access control, video surveillance, automatic number plate recognition, intrusion detection systems and communications. The map-based monitoring concept also allows a more intuitive visualization and a better assessment of complex situations.

Safe reaction

By intelligently processing situational information, security officers and their employees can respond safely to incidents. The intelligent decision support system Mission Control leads the users step by step through the necessary measures. Task teams receive clear work instructions based on company-specific guidelines for working with colleagues or external third parties. Mission Controls workflows greatly assist users by dynamically changing the status of the security platform and making it easier to activate threat levels, lock doors, or record video. So you can safely respond to incidents and then analyze them with powerful tools.

Der Ablauf eines Sicherheitsvorfalls

The expiration of a security incident

With Mission Control, you can easily and reliably manage the holistic management of security incidents: from the monitoring of incoming sensor data through to detection and the completion of security incidents. You define your security categories flexibly and as needed.

Data collection and collection

Data from thousands of sensors, devices and applications are captured and monitored in real-time

Automated analysis and qualification

The data correlation and rule engine detects event patterns and triggers system reactions.

Better visualization and situation assessment

The dynamic visualization of security incidents and situations enables security managers to significantly better assess situations.

Comprehensive management of security incidents

Security officers are guided through the measures step by step using automated processes and work instructions.

Extensive reporting and audit functions

Incidents and measures can be thoroughly examined in the context of safety audits or continuous process optimization.


Categorize security incidents

Mission Control captures thousands of events, categorizes them as security incidents, and provides situational intelligence for a sound basis for decision-making.

The basis for this are clear rules: events are checked against predefined parameters, for example according to the order of occurrence of events and the time intervals between them. security staff also receive video and data from all security applications for a detailed overview.

Precise, uniform reaction specifications

Large data volumes and the use of numerous security applications make it more difficult to respond in an emergency. Mission Control reduces complexity and guides staff step by step through the required actions. Whether responding to maintenance messages or neutralizing threats, Mission Control dramatically increases effectiveness.

Scalable data acquisition and correlation

  • Real-time capture of thousands of events from video, access control, license plate recognition, intrusion detection and other security systems
  • Identification and creation of needs-based categories for the respective operating and safety environment
  • Defining multi-layered rules for analyzing inbound sensor and security data to uniquely identify security incidents
  • Situation-based data preparation for better and better decisions

Better visualization and monitoring

  • Prioritization of major or complex security incidents against disjointed single events or alarms
  • More detailed and direct visualization of security incidents via interactive graphical maps
  • Investigation of security incidents by visual inspection of the immediate environment
  • Manual triggering of security incidents with potential danger directly from the card

Comprehensive management of security incidents

  • Monitoring of all operating and security scenarios by means of special tasks
  • View detailed real-time information about all incidents on a dashboard
  • Response to security incidents with predefined processes and standard procedures
  • Automatic adjustment of system behavior in case of security incidents
  • Greater transparency thanks to powerful search and audit functions