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Genetec brings people together with pioneering security solutions. Whether you’re in infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation, schools, or universities, Genetec’s solutions deliver greater efficiency, protection, and security-for a more relaxed (working) life.

Leading IP video surveillance

A pioneer in security innovation, Genetec offers groundbreaking IP video surveillance as a simple and highly effective solution for every day.

More business, more growth

Sophisticated, user-friendly technology gives Genetecs customers security. The unified platform for multiple security applications offers a range of novel features for optimized asset interactions and makes data available around the clock. Based on modern network technology, the system is flexible, scalable and thus future-proof.

Data protection

Genetec’s solutions have the European Privacy Seal, which demonstrates compliance with European data protection laws.

Get to know Genetec and find out how the uniform system can strengthen your company. At Vitel, we are happy to advise you on the building blocks of the Genetec security solution.

Security Center is a unified security platform that combines IP video surveillance, access control, automatic number plate recognition, and SIP communication in a single solution.

Uniform security platform SecurityCenter

IP video surveillance with Omnicast 

IP access control with Synergis 

Intelligent management of security incidents

Mission Control sets standards for situation-based security decisions, visualization and the complete management of security incidents. It provides effective solutions to both routine and unforeseen threats.

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Cloud-based video surveillance system for SMEs

The cloud-based video surveillance system protects your business 24/7 for uninterrupted operation. Stratocast provides access to live video and video recorded in the cloud via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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