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View videos effectively, efficiently, and easily, and review content.

At this very moment, cameras are recording video images worldwide. To this day, most of these videos could not be viewed and reviewed.

With BriefCam, users can search for hours of video footage in minutes. The result: more efficient, timely and effective video review. With BriefCam you get to the point, and fast.

BriefCam® addressed the global need for viewing video data to quickly investigate and identify incidents for action. BriefCam’s award-winning Video Synopsis® technology allows for quick viewing and review. On average, one hour of video footage can be “synced down” to one minute of screening time.

BriefCam Syndex®

Whether you’re planning a safe environment, investigating an incident, avoiding casualties or protecting people – BriefCam can help.

Law enforcement, public and private security companies, investigative teams, mid-sized businesses and large corporations use BriefCam to get directly to their destination.

BriefCam leads you directly to what really matters

Leading Video Synopsis® technology helps everyone – from law enforcement agencies, governments and public safety organizations to private (security) companies and corporations extract data and actionable information from video data to make the environment safer.

How BriefCam Syndex® works

Video Synopsis® technology allows for quick video review and search and analysis with simultaneous display of events occurring at different times. BriefCam Syndex® provides a powerful package of video review tools to locate searched events. It will help users achieve their goals faster than ever before.

What BriefCam Syndex® offers

Quick Review

No fast forward – but all in one quick video review.

Go into the depths

Browse a day within minutes. Select events and click to go to the original video.

Alarm configuration

Send alerts for unusual activities.

Planning ahead

Proactive, fast video review to find out what you did not know before.

Share clips

Export video clips for emailing or sharing on social media sites with just one click.

Gain insights

Graphical visualization of data analysis (heatmaps, paths, bar charts, etc.)

Advanced computer vision capabilities

At the heart of BriefCam is a sophisticated computer, built by a team of experts led by one of the world’s leading minds in computer vision and machine learning. During data processing, objects are detected and extracted along with information about them, such as color, direction, dwell time, size path, speed, and more.

This may sound easy, but the ability to extract, isolate, and distinguish between independent objects is difficult, especially when a scene contains small or distant objects, is poorly lit, distracts the background, or has high activity. To master this, the BriefCam development team has mastered hundreds of computer vision challenges: the result is a complete, integrated solution.

BriefCam Syndex® in practice

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BriefCam for business: hours of work in just a few minutes